J Church�s Lance Hahn: R.I.P. 1967-2007

posted 2007-11-02 13:48:42 by mike

Fred Mills
October 22, 2007
Lance Hahn, the iconic Austin-based frontman for legendary punk band J Church, passed away yesterday (Oct. 21) from complications arising from kidney disease. His death came on the heels of a J Church/Cringer tribute/benefit album put together by several indie labels to raise money to help Hahn�who had no health insurance�pay his medical bills.

In a detailed report filed last night by Austin journalist Joe Gross for Austin360.com, Hahn was born in Hawaii and �played in the [Hawaiian] punk band Cringer from 1984 to 1991, played guitar for the rock musician Beck in 1994, owned and operated the Honey Bear record label, was a long-time contributor to the international punk rock magazine Maximum Rock n Roll, and published the zine Some Hope and Some Despair. Many unfamiliar with Hahn�s music knew him as a manager at the Vulcan Video store on South Congress [in Austin].�

But Hahn was known internationally as the face of J Church, which he formed in 1992 after having moved from Hawaii to San Francisco. An incredibly prolific songwriter, Hahn steered the band through innumerable recordings and several lineups (including a couple in Austin, where he moved in 2000).