'Boogie Fever' singer dead at 47

posted 2004-03-16 09:57:32 by stevemay

RICHMOND, Virginia (AP) -- Edmund Sylvers, the lead singer on "Boogie Fever" and "Wish That I Could Talk To You" for the 1970s funk-soul group The Sylvers, died March 11 of lung cancer, his family said Monday. He was 47.

The singer died after a 10-month illness, according to his niece, Tyava Sylvers.

Sylvers was 15 when he started singing with six other members of his family on their self-titled debut album in 1972. His high tenor voice was the centerpiece of such songs as "Fool's Paradise."

From five albums, other songs by the group included "Cotton Candy," "That's What Love Is Made Of" and "High School Dance."

Sylvers made a solo album, "Have You Heard," in 1980 that included the single "That Burning Love."